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Glorious sun shine, flat calm, crystal clear blue seas...

  • Name: Glorious sun shine, flat calm, crystal clear blue seas...
  • Create Date: March 27 2012
  • Last Updated: March 27 2012
  • Publish Date: March 27 2012
  • Author(s): sam
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    Glorious sun shine, flat calm, crystal clear blue seas ah summers arrived at West Bay Yeh right!!  Just opened the back door for the dog who is sat crossed legged after flatly refusing to go out for a wee in horizontal rain and gale force winds and I can’t say I blame her, June’s normally a settled month. When we do get out the fishing is starting to improve with a few decent Bass about and the odd cod showing on the wrecks. This month should see Bream increase in numbers , the plaice will start to fatten and it’s nice to see good numbers of dabs about again this year along with a few ray and getting mackerel bait has been no problem with large shoals chasing white bait along the beach .The cuttle fish are now starting to die off after breeding which must create quite a banquette for anything sporting a pair off fines the squid are also about which was made apparent when a customer reeled in a pout head attached to a perfectly stripped body ,they normally bite through the back of the neck this one looked like it had been munched by Top Cat !

    Take Care Tight Lines Matt

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