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fishing for bream,set your drag ,take your time!

  • Name: fishing for bream,set your drag ,take your time!
  • Create Date: July 27 2012
  • Last Updated: July 27 2012
  • Publish Date: July 27 2012
  • Author(s): sam
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    I 'm terrible at keeping this up to date but the wife's badgered me to do this months update so here goes,well to be honest the fishing been pretty good overall with some lovely cod up 24lbs which, are lovely fish in any one's book ther's not masses of them around and you do have to be persistent and bare in mind if your competing against 10 other anglers lady luck may not smile on you but just to see such quality fish come aboard is a bonus!  A few bass are starting to show our biggest so far around 6lb again not lots about yet, but there numbers will increase as the year goes on. I tend to start targeting the bream about now, again they will increase in numbers as the year goes on our biggest haul to date 5/7/11 is around 20 but most of them are 2lb/3lb plus over the next month we can hope to start catching 50/60+ per-session [but no promises] You really do have to fish for them this time of year trotting back in the tide if possible with the right rigs and keep the line tight if there biting and allow them to hook there selves, i've seen some customers look like there having electric shock treatment trying to strike into them,the most important tip i could give is make sure you don't cover the hook point. There's some nice smooth hounds around falling to crab baits  i do struggle selling the idea of targeting something that the customers can't eat which is a great shame because on light spinning rods these little sharks are great fun ,i would encourage my customers not to fish with any rod heavier than 20lb max and 8lb/15lb will give you much more fun playing fish also lighter soft tip rods DO catch more fish as the hook is less likely to pull out last week i had a 17lb cod on my spinning rod whilst fishing for bream,set your drag ,take your time!

    I should just mention i am quite passionate about marine conservation, fish and there habitats whilst we encourage every one to take there fish home to eat there are some species we like to see returned were possible i.e congers unless deep hooked/smooth hound/ rays as they are slow to reproduce and any thing near its minimum size, bass for example min legal size 36cm they don't breed until 45cm !  put the small one's back and the BASS GOD will reward you with a decent fish,i've seen it happen.

    Take Care Tight Lines Matt

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